Archia Oryix (archiaoryix) wrote,
Archia Oryix

10 самых душераздирающих композиций rock-metal сцены

Последовательность случайная...

1. Pain of Salvation "Where It Hurts"

2. Pain of Salvation "Road of Salt"

3. Ark "Missing You"

4. Aviv Geffen/Blackfield "It's cloudy now"

5. Anathema "Flying"

6. Riverside - "Panic Room" (expanded version)

7. Antimatter - A Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist

8. Morgana Lefay - Why?

9. Evergrey - When The Walls Go Down

10. Riverside "Before"
Tags: melancholic rock, metal, progressive metal, progressive rock, rock, музыка
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